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Hi Gary & Irina,


WOW!! We LOVE it!!!!!! We've watched it 3 times already and love it more each time we watch it! We love the 

footage of Maui & the song you put on there is perfect! Everything about it is perfect!!! We couldn't be more pleased and are thrilled that you guys thought it came out great too. Thank you so much for such a wonderful & special video.



Cheryl & Eric

PS. Yesterday, the day it arrived, we were celebrating our 1 month anniversary. It was the best gift!



Dear Gary & Irina


We watch our video at least once or twice a month. I'm so happy we captured such a special day on film. Would be a dream come true to spend our anniversary with you.

Much love to you. Counting the days until we are together again.


God bless you-

Your friends Lillian, Mike & Riley



Hola Gary and Irina,


Just want to tell you that everyone loves the video, you did an excellent job with it.

I want to surprise everyone with the video and a thank you card.  So, I would like to order eight videos to send to them.

Once again thank you, I really like all the details with the decorations that Irina made for the reception. Needless to say, Irina is very creative.



Sara Gonzalez Gibson



Gary & Irina,


Thank you so much for the amazing work you both did on our wedding video. It turned out so great. We love it! Also, thank you for taking the time to make a few more.


Thanks again,


Andrew & Shanel Hammersla

Dear Gary & Irina,


Great Video!  Thanks for doing such a wonderful job making it.



Lee Anne & Chad


Aloha Gary and Irina,


I just received the copy of the video from my sister Cheryl's (and Eric's) wedding.  It is great!  I started crying after the intro. The video is amazing -- You guys did a wonderful job!   


Thanks so much!


Laura Gervasi



Aloha Irina & Gary!


We will need to order some videos.  Everyone that sees our video absolutely loves it and they all want copies.  They say the video is so personal, and that you just don't see them like that these days. We just can't brag enough about you guys.


Take care,


Adeana & Dennis 



Dear Gary & Irina,


Wow!  Wedding Video was very professional and we were so happy when we received it!  It was great to see not only our wedding day but sites of Maui at the beginning so we could remember everything about our special day.  Music you picked was perfect as well.  We would recommend you to anyone and everyone!




Don & Jodi Hutchison



Bueno Irina & Gary,


Thank you for the pictures, they rock. Everyone raved. I had to play the wedding video like 10X's during the reception. I almost have it memorized. My ma bawled. God you all do good work!


Thank you again


Desiree & Louie



Aloha Gary & Irina,


We received our wedding video yesterday and were very happy with it- thank you so much for your professional services in capturing our treasure moments and saving them for a life time of memories!   


Wendy & Jim


Hello Irina & Gary,


We LOVE our video & we would like to thank you for all your help & creative work. Video is magical! We want to watch over & over again.



Ewa & Jeff Kaady


Hi Gary & Irina!


We got the video and it was beautiful!!  Thank you so much!


Gary, I remember you taking some still images but I didn't see any on the disc.  Can you guys email me any stills you took please?  Most of the shots you got were better than our photography. We regret not booking your services for photography...




Monica & Keith Psolka



Hi Gary & Irina,


We're happy with the video; we thought it truly captured our special day: silly moments & all. Even though there was plenty of video, we were sorry to see it end: we could've watched it for hours!


Thank you SO much!


Dale & Cathi Jensen                                                                                  



Hello Irina & Gary!


I just wanted you to know that we received our video on my birthday. What a wonderful day to receive such a treat. We loved it! I am so grateful that Gary did such a dynamic job making it a family occasion, the inclusion of the boys means a  lot to us, thanks. 

Irina, you did an wonderful job editing, I love the placement of the music, just what I had in mind. Thanks to both of you for making our long awaited day a very, very special memory.


We'll be in touch,

Patrick, Monica, Joseph & Aiden                                                               


Hello Irina & Gary!


Our wedding DVD is amazing! We absolutely love it! The picture & sound are very clear. The music sounds great, as well. We would highly recommend Aloha Videography!


Thank you for making our video memorable! 


Kelly & Michael Cook                                                                                                                  



Gary & Irina,


Wow! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about the video! It just came in the mail today and I am home sick, so it was the perfect day to arrive. Ken hasn't even seen it yet, my sister came over to watch it with me and we were both so pumped at how it has turned out. Thank you both so much for the beautiful images and editing, you included everything that was meaningful and I loved the outtake of the grandmas at the end of the video. I know Ken will love it when he sees it and so will the moms! 


Thank you again!

Marci Skinner                                                                                                                           



We love the video! It captured all of our special moments: from greeting of our guests to the ceremony & after ceremony portraits. We also enjoyed the island scenic footage at the beginning of the video.


Mahalo for the beautiful wedding video! We've enjoyed sharing our special day with family & friends who couldn't attend. We're very pleased with everything & would highly reccommend Aloha Videography to anyone. You did an amazing job!


Conor & Kortnee Colbry                                                                                                    



Gary & Irina-

Words cannot express how much we love our wedding video. You surpassed all of our hopes. 


Planning a destination wedding is stressful & you worry about how it will turn out once the day arrives- especially not knowing the people you're relying on to make this day wonderful.

Well, Gary, we felt completely at ease with you. You made us feel comfortable & we forgot you were videotaping all our moves. Our photographer was extremely impressed with your ability & imagination for shots, as well.


We wish we knew couples who were planning their wedding on Maui, because we would insist they use your services!


Thank you again so much!


We will treasure this video for the rest of our lives!


Eric & Karen Bacon                                                                                                               





Gary & Irina,


The video that you made for us is GREAT! We both love it. We really like how you included scenes of Maui in the beginning of the film, so we can always remember the beauty of Hawai'i.


All of the ideas you had for different scenes were awsome, too! We expected a film of just our ceremony, but it's so much more than that! We couldn't have asked for anything better.


Thank you very much for your services!


Kim & Mark Gates          

Gary & Irina,


We are overwhelmed with delight with our wedding DVD! Our special & most meaningful day is captured in a forever keepsake that we absolutely adore!


Thank you for your dedication & spirit in making our memories forever lasting. 



Trish & Vince 



We thought you were so wonderful! We didn't know what to expect & you set us at ease that you would make everything good for us. After a few moments we realized, that you REALLY cared that this comes out great. Linda & I both thought you were so nice to work with & kept us informed what to do to make our video great. Also, I know we needed the edited version done ASAP & you did everything possible to make it happen. We'd recommend you to anyone who needs this type of service!


Thank you very much!


Linda & Michael




Gary & Irina have such wonderful personalities & we immediately felt like we made the right choice for videographers. Gary jumped right in with our photographer & minister, sharing his ideas & creativity with the group. When we got our video, we were beyond amazed!! Every word was captured clearly & the quality of the picture put our families & friends right there on the beach with us! [To make it clear, my now husband proposed to me on the way to Maui, so none of our family was presented at the ceremony] Gary used some very cool effects with the zooming & color, that added to the ceremony itself. We watched it a dozen times the first day... and kept saying "wow!!!" Best choice we could have made was getting Gary & Irina to capture our special day... we now have a memory to share with friends, family... and ourselves... for many years to come! You will NOT regret hiring Aloha Videography!


Thank you again!! We will be back for sure!


Chelsea & Patrick

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