Born in southern California, Gary Pat Robilotta has had the good fortune of living in some cool places, with great surf, sunshine, and tropical inspiration.


For the twelve years spent on the tiny volcanic Island of Montserrat, Gary split his time between teaching himself piano and art. 


After spending a decade surfing the lime-green barrels of Montserrat’s pristine waters, Gary relocated to the island of Maui. A resident of Maui for the past 31 years, the talented surfer continues creating art and music. Gary’s colored-pencil drawings, as well as acrylic paintings, are receiving popularity on Maui and on the mainland.


Gary’s Surf-Toons series are popular among surf shops, while his fine art reproductions are gaining the interest of galleries and collectors worldwide.


When not found producing music or creating another piece of art, the 59 year old artist can be found surfing, skateboarding, mountain biking, or absorbing more inspiration from Maui’s beauty, with his wife Irina and daughter Masha.