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Gary Robilotta

Born in southern California, Gary Patrick Robilotta has had the good fortune of living in some cool places with great surf, sunshine, and tropical inspiration.
While living twelve years on the tiny volcanic Island of Montserrat, Gary began dividing his time between teaching himself piano and composing, painting, and drawing. The rhythm and colors of the Caribbean infused his music and art with his own unique inimitable style…island style. You may enjoy watching "Under The Volcano", an amazing documentary about the famous recording studio Montserrat. 
After spending a decade on Montserrat, Gary relocated to the island of Maui. A resident of Maui for the past 33 years, the talented surfer continues with his side career as an artist, recently adding a unique style of Photo-Art, and a 
Gary’s Surf-Toons series is a popular item among surf shops. Gary’s music captivates the ear with animated melodies while his visual images sing & dance off the canvas. Check out the newly released Surf-Toons book now available on
When not found producing fanciful music or creating whimsical artwork, the 60-year-old artist can be found hanging with daughter Masha, and wife Irina, surfing, skateboarding, and absorbing more inspiration from Maui’s bountiful beauty.
We thank you for spending a little time here, hopefully something has caught your eye.
Please feel free to email or call 808 385 3035 with any questions you may have.
Thank you and Aloha!

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