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While The Police and the Stones (among other rock bands) were recording their albums at Air Studios, we were jamming right along, in the surf. After Carrll and I named the spots, Carrll began writing for The Surf Report newsletter (surfing's first Google Earth!).


Our breaks:


Zen-Zone/Rendezvous Point, Bunkum Bay, Bullwinkle's, Lime Squash, Jasmine Point, Sea Hook's Dock, Belham Valley Rivermouth (or Zippers), Fort Point, Zanzibar, Stairway To Heaven, Jumbie Beach, Maximus Point, Town Lefts, Pepper Point, Spanish Point, Toad's Peak, Farm Bay, Skwids, Control Towers, Trants Bay, Spleef Reef, Piggies, Marguerita Bay. Not bad for a tiny speck of an island!


Stay tuned for more reads, Carrll is the writer, not me. In the meantime,

you can view Montserrat on this wikipedia link.

Jasmine Point-Photo Gary
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