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Mainly this page is about our experience on Montserrat.


I was 17 years old when my parents moved us to Montserrat.  We’d lived in many places before, but not like Montserrat.  This was one of the most exciting things that happened at the time!  When we arrived on the island, I was breathless, I asked; “can we live here forever?"

We lived on Montserrat for 12 years. If you spent time on Montserrat in the 80's, you may remember the two surfer boys, Gary and Carrll (Fro) Robilotta, our sister Patty, and the windsurfing dog “Peaches”. If you have not been to Montserrat, you should visit it someday, you’ll be happy you did!


Living on Montserrat was very special, it gave us a lot of creativity.  Carrll wrote a lot during the years, and began interested in photography. He has a great collection of photos, including surfing pictures. Today he is an established wedding photographer on Maui. 


I, Gary, began composing music in 1984 and recorded my first piano demos at the famous Air Studios Montserrat in 1988, I was inspired to paint and draw as well. Check out the studio documentary, Under The Volcano produced by Cody Greenwood of Rush Films, on Universal Studios. 


Being that the sport of surfing and windsurfing had not been seen until we came to Montserrat, we take credit in pioneering these sports. You can see some pictures here, and here:


We surfed everywhere we could find a spot, Carrll named all the surf spots and were documented on The Surf Report, a destination surfing publication, pre-internet days!


Just after hurricane Hugo (a very frightening category 4 storm!) in 1990, we moved to Maui, Hawaii. We returned to Montserrat in 1994 until Mr. Volcano shook us off in '95, sending back to Maui where we now call home.


In 1997 I released my first CD, titled; “Project Montserrat” an instrumental benefit album to benefit the people of the island from the volcanic eruptions. The CD did quite well, was taken on by Virgin Megestores at the time, and I found great satisfaction in helping in such a way. We left many friends behind, but we still have a good connection with many.  For the best tours of Montserrat contact our good friend Sunny Lee. Visit him at  Nobody does it better than Sunny, his knowledge of the island's history is next to none. He knows the island inside wont be disapointed!

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